Model Pack 001

Model Pack 001: 3D Fonts and Words

Model Pack 001: 3D Fonts and Words

Model Pack 001 features the following:

2 x Complete 3D Fonts Sets. These include alpha numerics as well as none alpha numeric characters. In addition we have also included over 250 3d model words. This acts as a massive time saver, as you won't need to build common words out of individual character in order to create you 3D text message.

All of the models in the pack are in .3ds format and can be loaded into any 3D application that supports this model format. Model Pack 001 is available free of charge to registered 3D Box Shot Pro customers. However it can also be purchased for just $10 USD if you don't own a copy of 3D Box Shot Pro, but you want to use the model pack for some other purpose. Click on the image below to purchase you digtal copy of Model Pack 001:

Here are some examples of the sort of things you can easily create with 3D Box Shot Pro and Model Pack 001 and the word models it contains::

Big Dicates 3D Text

HTTPS Everywhere 3D Text

Responsive Website 3D Text

Exceeding My Expectations 3D Text

Cynical 3D Text

None Can Tell to What Red Hell Red Text

3D Box Shot Pro can also operate in what amounts to orhographic mode. If you set the camera perspective slider to maximum you can easily create 2D text effects, like those on the inset of the image below. It's then just a small step to start using 3D Box Shot Pro to create covers!

The Psychology of Sales 3D Text

So now we eat our own dog food and use an image rendered in 3D Box Shot Pro as the cover for a book model in 3D Box Shot Pro:

eBook Cover 3D Box Shot Pro


Using Model Pack 001 you can build unique graphics for social media with very little effort. You can easily add compelling marketing text to images you generate in 3D Box Shot Pro, or create powerful graphics to help you increase the coversion rate of your products.

Winners Don't Quit

Why not give the demo a try and see what you can come up with? We've only scratched the surface of what's possible in 3D Box Shot Pro V4 in this article. Click here to dowload the demo.

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