Troubleshooting Presets in 3D Box Shot Pro

3D Box Shot Pro supports preset saving and loading. In this article we’re going to look at how the preset files actually work. The .preset files that 3D Box Shot Pro generates when you save a preset are actually made of structured .xml data. This means that they are readable by human beings if you open then in Notepad or your favourite text editor (I’d recommend Notepad++)

Here’s a screenshot of Notepad++ displaying a 3D Box Shot Pro preset:


The section highlighted in the above image is what we’re going to discuss: The Model Path. What this does is tells 3D Box Shot Pro where the model file is located. If the program looks for the model in this location and can’t find it then the preset will fail to load.

To complicate matters, different versions of Windows have different names for the Program Files folder. For example on a 64bit version of Windows, 32bit applications are installed in Progam Files (x86) whereas on 32bit Windows the folder is just called Program Files. If you find that a preset file won’t load, it’s realatively simple to edit the path information contained in the preset in Notepad++

So, for example, if you wanted to update the preset file shown above so that it would work in 32bit Windows, you would simple need to change every refercence to C:\Program Files (x86) to C:\Program Files.

Select Search->Replace or Ctrl+H in Notepad++ to activate the Replace Function:












Click Replace all and Notepad++ will replace all instances of C:\Program File (x86) with C:\Program Files.

You can of course use this functionality to replace the entire path to the models or textures. The key thing to remember is that the preset will only work if the path information is correct and does point to the location of where the referenced assets are stored.

Please note, at the time of writing, you can’t open presets in 3D Box Shot Pro by double clicking on the preset Icons. You can only load them through the Presets menu in 3D Box Shot Pro. You can choose to load the basic configuration of the scene, or Load Scene with the Models as well.Preset

If you have problems loading complex pre-set scenes with multiple models, this could be because you don’t have enough graphic ram available on your graphics card or chip to support the requirements of the scene. If you encounter problems loading the pre-set scenes available to download on this site, please try loading them in the Software Rendering version of 3D Box Shot Pro. While this runs much more slowly than the Hardware Version, it will be able to access your PC’s ram to render the scenes successfully. Although it’s slower, the rendered output is identical to the hardware version. It’s the end result that matters.



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