About the Author

Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson is the CEO and Head of Development at Jellypie Software. Jellypie Software is a small software company (sometimes referred to as a Micro ISV РIndependent Software Vendor). Jellypie Software specialise in making creative software tools for creative people. Their first software product, Video Fun Box  was released in 2003 (http://www.jellypie.co.uk). In 2004 they released 3D Box Shot, the first commercial tool for creating visualisations of 3D Software Box Shots. This was followed by 3D eBook Shot which introduced keyframe animation to the world of virtual cover designs (http://www.3d-ebook-shot.com). in 2011 Jellypie Software released 3D Box Shot Pro, the ultimate virtual cover design tool. 3D Box Shot Pro uses hardware accelerated OpenGL Pixel shaders to generate stunning quality virtual covers. 3D Box Shot Pro was used to create all of the 3D cover images included on this site.

As well as designing and developing Software Andrew Gibson runs a commercial virtual cover design service and has over 9 years experience designing software boxes and book covers commercially. For more information please visit http://www.3d-box-shot.com


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