Render of the Day: Augmented Photos

Photographs that have been augmented with 3D Text are cropping up more and more these days. These are often used in commercial brochures where a particular point needs to be made in an interesting and visual way that compliments the image.

This is trivially simple to do in 3D Box Shot Pro. Just load an image in as the background and render some 3D Text. Position it until it fits with the scene and hit the render button. Simples.

Render of the Day: Balls

Another conceptual design. This time the planet Earth model was used without a texture. Instead the basic model sphere had a small amount of environment mapping applied to it to create the shiny surfaces you can see in the image below. The copy and paste model functions in 3D Box Shot Pro where then used to create multiple copies of the model sphere which were then scaled and positioned in the scene.

Render of the Day: Icon Fonts

Here’s an example of what you can achieve relatively easily in 3D Box Shot Pro using extruded fonts:

All we used to create these were the gradient backgrounds included in bonus pack 008 ( and a free font you can download from the following location:

Please feel free to download the demo of 3D Box Shot Pro and try it out for yourself!

Download a Free Demo of 3D Box Shot Pro
Download a Free Demo of 3D Box Shot Pro!

Render of the Day: Geobats

Some map based rendering today. This provides a nice showcase of the system font 3D text features in 3D Box Shot Pro, as the map of the UK seen in these renders is part of the geobats font set that can be downloaded free of charge using the following link:

As the 3D fonts that 3D Box Shot Pro generates support textures, you can load a texture adding another layer of subtext to the image: