Render of the Day 0024#

It’s a Golf Ball. I chose this particular model to showcase a feature of 3D Box Shot Pro that lets you load an image or texture in as the background of a scene:

In this instance the background image is the grass. In the following image I increased the Environment Texture levels to make the golf ball appear to be made out of metal:

You can download the golf ball model from the following location:

Render of the Day 0020#

I’m trying something a little different for the 20th render of the day. Rather than picking a model from the 3d archive that works well with 3D Box Shot Pro and rendering it, I have created some new content that you can use with the program.

One of the quirks of 3D Box Shot Pro is that you can’t apply a depth texture to a surface of a model unless you have already loaded a texture onto that surface of the model. While you can apply flat colour to individual model surfaces using the controls in the surface tab of the program, these are not textures, so you still can’t apply a depth texture.

To work around this issue I have created a series of 32 1×1 .PNG files that can be loaded as textures onto model surfaces in 3D Box Shot Pro.

The program will automatically scale the 1 x 1 file to fit the assigned texture space on the model’s surface.

Here’s an example of these 1×1 textures in action with depth mapping in 3D Box Shot Pro:

You can download a zip file containing 32 x 1×1 .png images of autumnal colour here: