Render Anything

We’ve added a new page to the site on the topic of “Render Anything”. 3D Box Shot Pro has the ability to load external 3D models, which means it can be used to visualise anything that you can find a 3D model for. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding new item to this page, together with download link for the models we’ve used. As with all of the images on this site, everything was rendered in 3D Box Shot Pro!

Render Anything

Corporate Identity Bonus Pack work in progress

Here’s a sneak peak of the new Corporate Identity Bonus Pack we’re currently working on. The basic premise is that you can use 3D Box Shot Pro to render corporate identity graphics to present to clients or to add to an on-line portfolio. The difference is that this is a real 3d scene that you can adjust an manipulate in real-time. This opens up vastly more creative potential, compare to using a .psd template.

Here’s a quick render of the work in progress. The final example art work will be different and more along the lines of “add your logo here”.

Corporate Identity Template. Work in Progress.
Corporate Identity Template. Work in Progress.

Big Update to Bonus Pack 004 CD Disc and Jewel Case

We’ve updated bonus pack 004 in response to a recent request from a customer that wanted to do more with the supplied CD Jewel Case Model. In response to this, we’ve now included a new set of CD Jewel case models and generated 11 new pre-set files that work on 32 and 64bit Windows machines.

CD Jewel Case and Disc

You need to be running the full purchased version of 3D Box Shot Pro to use the new pre-sets in the bonus pack. If you have lost your purchase email containing the download links and password for the customer portal, please contact us!

The Making of Cover Design Tutorial #2


Snow-Ball-IceI had high hopes for this tutorial having purchased a new mic. I went for the Snowball Ice USB mic and got it from Amazon. In the end I was a little disappointed with the tutorial, due to the number of takes it took to complete and some problems with the volume levels. However, hopefully the improvement in audio quality will account for something. It certainly sounds way better than the audio in tutorial #1 to my ears.

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