3D Box Shot: Case Studies

Every once in while we get a really nice design job that sticks in our minds due to the fun we had putting it together. This page contains an occasional series of Design Case Studies of some of our favorite design jobs..

3D Box Shot Pro: Vista Style Box 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD With Disc On Right 3D Box Shot Pro: Software Box with Flap 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD with Disc on Floor 3D Box Shot Pro: Software Box with Disc on Right 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD with Disc on Left 3D Box Shot Pro: Software Box with Disc on Left 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD with Disc on Floor Flat 3D Box Shot Pro: Software Box with no Disc 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD Case Open with Disc 3D Box Shot Pro: Thin Software Box 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD Case Open with Disc 3D Box Shot Pro: Software Box Bundle 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD Case Closed Flat 3D Box Shot Pro: Software Bundle with CD 3D Box Shot Pro: DVD Case Wide Open 3D Box Shot Pro: Hardback Book Closed 3D Box Shot Pro: Hardback Book Closed 3D Box Shot Pro: Hardback Book Stack 1 3D Box Shot Pro: Hardback Book Stack 2 3D Box Shot Pro: Wide Screen Monitor

Some of our Favorite Design Jobs...


VB Conversions: VB Net to C# Converter

Box Shot: VB.Net to C# ConvertorWe treat software box design like a conceptual puzzle. In order for a box design to really work as a sales tool, it needs to become a sort of visual short hand for your product. The role of a design in this instance is solve the puzzle by finding the correct visuals that will let the box speak volumes about what you product is and does.

The box shot should be able to take over part of the marketing duties for your product, allowing your site to speak visually to your potential customers. In the design for VB Conversions VB.Net to C# Converter the conceptual puzzle was simply how to present the process of converting VB.net to C# in a visually interesting manner. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. We opted for two monitors with an arrow linking them. Anyone looking for a VB.net to C# conversion tool would be able to take one look at this box shot and know without any degree of uncertainty that they'd found a product that did exactly what they want. If you have a box shot that can do this, it really can help to sell your products!

Smart Diary Suite

Box Shot: Smart Diary Suite

Smart Diary™ Suite will help you organize your life!
More than a diary or a PIM, Smart Diary Suite is instead a completely customizable, yet easy to use, Personal Information Solution. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

We were approached by the team at sdiary.com who wanted a clean and concise box shot that help to deliver their marketing message and actually say something meaningful about their product, Smart Diary Suite.

Instant Quote Professional

We were approached by PCE Soft.com who wanted a box designed for their award winning product, Instant Quote Professional. As PCE Soft.com were planning to redesign their site, they supplied us with a projected colour scheme and we created a box shot based around that.

Box Shot: Instant Quote Professional V1

PCE Soft.com were so happy with the design that they asked as to create a version of the box shot that would work with their existing site design, so they could start displaying it immediately


Box Shot: Instant Quote Professional V2


PCE Soft.com also took advantage of our amazing adshot deal (an adshot for just $50 USD when you purchase a $100 USD box shot from us)


Quote, Invoice, Billing and Estimating Software from PCESoft.com - Quickly and easily create a quote or invoice by customer, track a computer parts database, purchases, serial numbers and much, much more! PCESoft.com specializes in estimating / pricing business database software.  

Box Shot: Box Shot V2 With Screen Shot Behind



Box Shot: UltimaCalc with CDThe author of UltimaCalc contacted us with a straightforward brief to design a box shot for UltimaCalc, an algebraic graphing calculator. One of the things that was mentioned was the requirement to use the box shot to replace an old screen shot image that was visible on thousands of downloads sites.

Since the box shot was going to take the place of a screen shot, it occurred to us that it would be a good idea to combine the two in order to create a box shot and screen shot montage. This would serve a twin purpose of showing application screen shots (drawing attention to what the program can do) while simultaneously showing that Ultimacalc is a commercial product with high production values and design standards.

Here's the original screen shot that was used to promote UltimaCalc, an algebraic graphing calculator, on download sites:

Screenshot: Ultima Calc


Here's the montage screen shot our design team put together: 

Box Shot: Ultima Calc Screenshot

With the addition of some "Call to Action" text, a humble PAD screenshot can become a reliable method of driving qualified visitors to your site. We're now happy to include a screenshot montage for just an additional $50 USD when you use our $10 0USD software box design service package. Just ask for a Screen Shot montage when you contact us.


Our design team are always delighted to take on box design jobs for products other than software boxes. So when we were approached by the team at Skylanterns2u, with a simple brief to design a series of box shots for their sky lanterns, ufo balloons, Thai sky lanterns, we jumped at the chance. Here's just a few of the designs we produced within a short time frame:

Box Shot: Sky Lanterns 2u 5 Pack

Established in 2001 Sky Lanterns 2u has become one of the worlds’ largest sky lantern manufacturers, supplying top international wholesale and retail outlets with quality lanterns. “Sky Lanterns 2u” has in fact become a byword for uncompromising quality and affordability.



We were contacted by Galactic Soft, makers of 3D Sci Fi Movie Maker after they were approached by PC Plus Magazine. PC Plus wanted to run a discount feature on 3D Sci Fi Movie Maker and include the full previous version of the product on their cover disc.

Computer magazines editors normally have very busy schedules and a very limited attention span. They contact Galactic Soft on a Thursday and asked for a complete promotional package (including a box shot) to be emailed to them by the end of the week.

Box shots make great visual content for magazines and as a result, design editors are drawn to them. They make layout out of a page much easier and bring a vital visual interest to otherwise dull text.  This is why PC Plus insisted on a box shot for 3D Sci Fi Movie Maker.

We were aware that Galactic Soft needed a box shot in a short time frame, so we set to work immediately with the aim of making a box shot that captured the fun spirit of 3D Sci Fi Movie Maker while remaining stylish and professional. Since the image was destined for print, we produce high resolution images in Adobe Photoshop and used these in conjunction with our own product, 3D Box Shot. The space rocket image was purchased from our favorite royalty free stock site, Istockphoto and the sci fi style fonts were nabbed from Dafont.  

The complete box shot was turned around in under an hour. Galactic Soft were so pleased with the results that they asked us to produce a thumbnail version of the box shot for inclusion on there website. They are now basking in the warm glow of a sustained sales bump brought on by the publication of the PC Plus article and bolstered by their sexy new box shot.


Update! Following the publication of PC Plus, Galacticsoft were approached by another magazine from the same stable, Windows XP: The Official Magazine. Galacticsoft were justifiably proud of the full page coverage that XP Magazine gave them and, as a result, wanted to showcase this on their website. As we already had a working relationship with Galacticsoft we were happy to accept a micro payment for 10 minutes work which resulted in the following:

Please note, we are always happy to accept micro payments for small jobs from existing customers that we can turn around quickly. For example, we charged Galacticsoft just $10 USD for the two images above as they only took our design team a few minutes to produce.